Blattoxur® Formiche MicroGranuli is an insecticide based on Acetamiprid in wettable microgranular powder enriched of attractive substances with long persistence. The product can be used inside and outside for the control of all species of ants, beetles, fleas, spiders, silverfish, etc.. Its particular formulation allows three types of application: Dusting, Spraying, Watering. Blattoxur® Formiche MicroGranuli contains ACETAMIPRID, the new-generation neonicotinoid active substance, with broad action spectrum, long persistence and active by ingestion and contact. The insects come into contact with the insecticide substance, they remain contaminated and follows the diffusion of the insecticide inside nest; the colony is eliminated after about one week.

Manufacturer: BleuLine Srl
Country of Origin: Italy
Ants & Other Crawling insects
1 kg / Bottle

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